Shareholders & Board

Radwan City Metal is a family run business. The Radwan family have been in this business for over six decades. The shareholders determine RCM’s future, and they are always committed to complete transparency with its people, clients and suppliers.

The Board of Directors have a thorough understanding of all of RCM’s trade business lines and are experts in their field. The Board oversees Senior Management to ensure that the company mission, vision, goals and values are being met. The Directors deliver leadership to the Company in the day-to-day operation of Radwan City Metal and also provide shareholder value in line with the company’s strategic aims. The Board ensures all company strategies and policies are understood and being implemented.

Nasser Radwan


In the 1950s during the Radwan Ahmed era trading began. Starting in the year 1990 and for the following decade to the year 2000, Nasser Radwan started to bring about changes in the development of the Radwan company in the El Sabteya Plant. In 2013, Mr. Radwan formed part of the decision-making team, agreeing on the opening of a new plant in El Ramla, located in Cairo. This decision had been taken based on strategic factors, the most important of which was to attract new customers and also maintain their existing big customers. El Sabteya branch became very crowded and customers wanted a better space in which to be serviced. Mr. Radwan had high aspirations for Radwan and the big decision was made to proceed with a Qalyub branch in 2016. Radwan was soon rebranded as Radwan City Metal (RCM). With the new name, came the new product ranges – it was time to set new industry standards. With so many companies wishing to replicate Radwan’s services over the years and with RCM setting the pace as a leader in the field, Mr. Nasser, well known for his gravitas in work, has embraced the challenge to change the look of manufacturing in Egypt, injecting his great energy and passion.

Hussein Radwan

Chief Executive Officer

For Hussein Radwan, reading about the manufacturing revolution has always been a great fascination and for over 25 years he explored the historical modern manufacturing revolution and how it helped to develop the human race, making people faster, more capable and more efficient. Learning about these momentous changes in human history made Mr. Radwan eager to discover even more and use the powerful inventions in the best ways possible. He dedicated himself to becoming a great asset to this significant industry and in the year 2000 the opportunity came to him.  He got the chance to expand Radwan organisation when it was still only trading steel. Mr. Radwan played a critical role in the important switch from trading to manufacturing – Bringing the best technology from around the world to Radwan’s plants and starting to produce branded products. Once it was acknowledged that Radwan’s machines could create the highest standard in fire rated doors, with the help of a great team the new designed fire rated doors passed the quality tests.  As the first Egyptian company with a UL certificate from the US and with premium door quality, Radwan City Metal rose to fill the gap in the Egyptian market. For Hussein Radwan, turning his dream into reality in his beloved home country – Egypt, brought him immense joy and expanding Radwan City Metal into the developed world, taking safety solutions to the next level, became his priority. The official launch of RCM’s fire rated doors in 2019 inaugurated the start of Radwan’s new generation.

Yassmine Radwan

Chief Marketing Officer

When Yassmine Radwan joined Radwan City Metal, her mission was to revamp the company image and boost its brand equity. So, she built RCM’s Marketing department from the ground up. She worked with one of the best marketing firms in the industry and rebuilt a new infrastructure for the marketing department including but not limited to creating a new brand identity and implemented this new identity on all the internal and external communication materials of the company. She also produced high quality content for all brand applications that represented the real image of the company.

Yassmine is a meticulous worker with a sharp eye for detail and a drive to correct mistakes, big or small. By understanding exactly what her customers want and letting them know that RCM has the solutions they desire she has influenced the growth of the company, impressing potential customers to work with RCM rather than competitors.

Youssef Radwan

Chief Communications Officer

Youssef Radwan has the skill of creating the strong connections which make the company grow. His passion for closing deals and negotiating projects has benefited RCM across the board, and particularly in hardware purchasing. Whatever the needs, Youssef selects the best in the industry to serve, saving both money and time by choosing the right companies to partner with. Maintaining these beneficial business relationships with clients is Youssef’s priority.

Radwa Radwan

Chief Financial Officer

Radwa redesigned the financial department and implemented an up-to-date financial system that fitted RCM’s current management. This transformation has positively reflected on the company as a whole. Finance is of principal importance in business – involved in every process of the cycle, ranging from purchases of raw material, offering competitive pricing for clients, and reinvesting profits from sales back into the business for new development. The financial management needs crucial focus in every detail and Radwa has excelled and is ever ready for more challenges to come.

Islam Radwan

Chief Operations Officer

Islam Radwan loved cars when he was young and grew up watching his father Nasser Radwan, obsess over machinery and building plants.  His fascination in technology and operation followed him into adulthood. When it was time to make his own mark on Radwan City Metal, Islam thought up strategic plans to limit waste in RCMs raw material by using only the exact material needed for each project and working hand-in-hand with all plant managers, he has overseen the three plants’ employees to ensure the best performance there is.

Nourhan Radwan

Chief Coordination Officer

Nourhan Radwan was graduated from the faculty of pharmacy and worked in her medical career for more than 7 years, then she decided to join her family business as she wanted to support and to benefit from their great experience in managing the family business for decades. As soon as Nourhan joined RCM, she had the best opportunity to work closely with company founders Nasser and Hussein Radwan and to benefit from their professional guidance and inspiring support. They would easily spot your strong points, support you, and even guide you to put your competencies into action!

Since Nourhan joined RCM, she worked with not only various members of the project management teams, but also with the clients to develop a timeline, create schedules, and oversee the progress of work to make sure the project goals are met on time. She used motivation and management to lead the team to a better performance. At RCM, our long-term goal, is to create a healthy and motivating environment to reach the professional as well as the personal development of our employees, and this is the day-to-day concern and focus of Nourhan Radwan.