About Us

Welcome to RCM, Radwan City Metal where advanced quality meets innovative design.

We utilise cutting-edge technology to produce outstanding metal products and solutions. We stay ahead of the curve, so that our bespoke fire rated doors solutions, cable trays and marble support systems always meet the local and international standards. Our customers rest assured with our UL & BS certified and tested doors.

Our bespoke, state of the art installations are what our customers desire and what we pride ourselves on delivering in every project.

We run our operations from our three production facilities; our latest plant built on 13,000 m2, and with a brilliant team of 320 highly qualified and trained staff. Being pioneers in bespoke metal -sheet production capabilities is the heart and soul of the Radwan ethos.

With such a long History and heritage in the Egyptian market, we are famous for using the latest technology and machinery in the industry. Our wealth of experience, dating over 80 years for the family business in steel trading and manufacturing and with our current generation of company owners now serving Radwan clients for over 40 years, means that we have continuously developed and updated our factories, people and processes to offer the best in the market, and by controlling the whole process of production, from raw materials to the final products, we are able to fully cost control, providing our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

At Radwan City Metal, we have earned a great reputation in the Egyptian market; known by our clients and suppliers for our transparency and honesty, we always do our work with the utmost of integrity.

In 2020, we successfully delivered large state projects, such as the new Egyptian Grand Museum and the new Egyptian Parliament. The success in delivery of these projects, with the highest level of quality, immediately put us on a par with the market leaders despite the recent launch of our fire rated doors in 2019.