Long-Established, Radwan history dates back to the era of ‘Grandfather’ Radwan who left behind a legacy which his two sons continued. In the 1980’s Nasser and Hussein Radwan established the Radwan company name and they worked hard to become well-known in the field. By the year 2000 their dedication to precise cutting of metal sheets and laser technology was well known, and they had expanded from one factory to three factories and a busy headquarters. With new technologies and additional machines added to its assets, the company confidently met more of the Egyptian market’s demands and desires.

Over the following years, as more companies followed suit and saturated the market, Radwan City Metal remoulded itself to maintain its distinct positioning. We started manufacturing full final products as RCM fire rated doors, cable trays and marble support systems, adopting new and efficient ways to work with rapidly advancing technologies and reaffirming their expertise to pursue a leading role in the industry. The daughters and sons of Nasser Radwan and Hussein Radwan, are at the helm today and taking this vision into the future, delivering the highest standards in each department.

Nasser Radwan


Hussein Radwan

Chief Executive Officer